The project of “Carabal, Vineyards and Winery” is born as a challenge. This challenge aims to restore winegrowing in the estate, interrupted for decades, by setting up a modern and innovative project to elaborate quality wines in a land which is initially perceived as unkind for this endeavor.


Thus the initiative to produce three quality wines is born on a land with poor soil, low in nutrients, lack of calcium and an extremely acidic pH, and in a very dry climate with hot summers, cold winters and scarce rainfall. From the very beginning this setting has marked the design of the vineyard lay out and of its planting patterns as well as of the winery.


Between the years 2003 and 2006, 140 acres (55 ha) were planted with vineyards. Different varieties of vines, clones, rootstocks, planting patterns and vine training systems result in a genuine field experiment with 35 distinct plots. At the same time, the vineyard is divided into three zones, each one of them intended for the production of one of the three wines under project.


The varieties planted are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Graciano, together with a number of experimental varieties. Long cycle vines were included with the aim of attaining long and full maturity by means of managing vegetative growth and water supply.


The winery is an outstanding building of architectural and artistic interest, of straight modern lines and perfectly integrated with its natural landscape. In a surface of 92,000 square feet (8,500 m2) it holds the entire process of wine elaboration and ageing as well as social areas for clients and other visitors.


The winery has a total production capacity of 105,000 gallons (400,000 liters) of wine and is designed for elaborating the three types of Carabal wine: One with a short aging in oak barrels, a fruity wine with a hint of wood. A second wine, more serious and complex in nature, is aged longer in wood. Finally, a third wine produced only out of the best vintages.


Carabal Vineyards and Winery, proud of its roots has turned the most relevant aspects of this region into the image of its wines. All of this, respecting the innovative, modern and amusing spirit of Carabal.

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